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The websites we build are:
• technically excellent
• attractive and good looking
• affordable for small business

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We provide:
• website design and development
• ecommerce design / shopping cart
• internet marketing

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Successful websites are not built overnight; they evolve.

Once created a good website should be reviewed on a regular basis. It is important that as a business you have a web design company you can trust to work with over a period of time. Depending on your requirements and budget we can offer you either a custom built website to meet your exact requirements or you may prefer to choose a simpler template based website from our wide range of webdesign packages.

Ecommerce Design

Image of credit card on a computer

We specialise in ecommerce web design.
We can set up an internet merchant account and secure area to enable you to accept credit card payments through our ecommerce cart.

Please review our portfolio of ecommerce design to show you the successful online shopping websites we have created for our clients.

We have built a strong, secure and reliable shopping cart system that we use for our clients.

We believe in making shopping online as simple as possible, for you and for your customers.

Try out a demonstration of our shopping cart system to see how easy it is for you and your customers to use.

Website Designer

The stages in building a website.

  1. Website Fact Finder
    This is a document that helps you explain exactly what you are looking for.
  2. Competitive quotation and proposal based on your requirements.
    We discuss with you what aspects you require.
  3. Creation of the website.
    When your happy to proceed, we can start building the site.
  4. Working Mockup
    We give you an actual working mock up of your website. Then based on your feedback any changes can be made quickly.
  5. Once the website is working exactly how you want; the site is launched.

Search Engine Optimization UK

Image of entering a search engine

The importance of search engine optimization (SEO) to commercial companies is critical. It can make all the difference from being an online success or an online failure. Google is by far the most recognized and respected search engine in the UK.

Google naturally wants to return the most relevant results of search to its users. Therefore your website needs to be completely relevant to your market. When producing websites if SEO is requested we will generate reports on what your customers are searching for. This information will enable us to build a website that is fully optimized for specific keywords relating to your market.

Company Skill Set

Using a combination of the following skills, we have the capacity to work on a wide range of web projects: HTML & XHTML, CSS, Web Standards, JavaScript, AJAX,PHP 4 & PHP 5, MySQL, ASP, MS Access, Adobe Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash and Fireworks.

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